Sunday, 1 June 2008

Bishop Brennan, 'Spineless Coward'?

Dear Readers,

As either of you might have seen, the Bishop has had something of a run-in (second post down, as of 1 June) with a rather aggressive Scot (a Unionist of all things - I had thought they were largely extinct, so perhaps I should regard myself as privileged...). Unfortunately, he took exception to one of my comments on Devil's Kitchen - and I have apologised, given that he clearly is not used (or cannot get used) to some of the rude nature of the Blogosphere, even though he writes on the Kitchen...*

What surprised the Bishop most, however was that he described me as a 'spineless coward'. Apparently, this is because I blog under a pseudonym. Clearly, that would make Eric Blair (aka George Orwell) a spineless coward. Strange logic, given that he fought in the Spanish civil war, but I guess it takes all sorts...

However, it has introduced me to the wonders of Mr Kelly's blog. And what wonders they are! Apparently, economics, with its belief in 'turbocharged capitalism', is completely counter to Catholicism**! As both a Catholic and an economist, the Bishop finds this assertion puzzling. Economics can provide a guide as to how best to maximise welfare, i.e. improve the lives of everyone. It is those who ignore its lessons - the former Soviet Union (hardly a friend of the Catholic Church), say, or North Korea, or even France - that wreck the lives of the poor and needy, and increase their number. For example, France's antipathy to Free Trade (shared by Mr Kelly) directly increases poverty in developing countries, by screwing over poor farmers and increasing the volatility of food prices (as we are seeing at present). It is people like Mr Kelly, who wish to turn back the tide away from Free Trade, who are behaving in a way that is inconsistent with Catholicism, by condemning the poor to a continued existence in poverty.

What has become of the land of Adam Smith and JS Mill, reduced to an existence on the coat-tails of England, reliant on oil that won't last forever and protectionism against evil Norwegian salmon farmers?! I think that Mr Kelly illustrates the root cause some of Scotland's problems, including (despite his protestations - judging by the survey results shown on his sight - to be a 'conservative') his socialism. The sooner England is rid of the Socialist Republic of Scotland, and the moronic socialist politicians and would-be dictators that it sends to Westminister, the better. And the Scots can pay the £billions a year in support for the descendants of Scots in Northern Ireland, sent there by a Scottish King, James VI (I of England). Remember - it was that asshole who began the rape of England for the benefits of Scots [who could forget his 'Master of the Wardrobe' (bum chum - James' strict Calvinist upbringing clearly had no impact on his proclivities - can anyone think of a modern Scottish leader who is like that?...), James Hay, with his motto of 'Spend and God Will Send'].


*To be honest, the police are unlikely to be interested in my comment (given e.g. that they ignore the multiple comments made about Gordon Brown on DK, Guido, etc.), although they might not like my comments about Islam on this blog...

**This is rather reminiscent of Tony Blair's claim at one time that it was impossible to be a Conservative and a Christian. He should know...


Martin said...

As a disabled man with acute mobility problems, I really don't like anyone suggesting that my address be given out for the purposes of my being strung up - notwithstanding that I really don't like the idea of anyone coming to my wife's home in order to do either of us harm, I can't run away from people intent on doing me mischief. The fact that you just wordcrapped that out on to your PC without regard for what you were saying was going too far - particularly when you're doing it anonymously. I don't know you or anything about you, and when you suggest I be strung up I'm entitled to be alarmed. What Gordon Brown thinks about what's written about him is his business.

As I wrote yesterday, there's too much of that sort of crap in the British blogosphere anyway. It's bad for the reputation of blogging as a pursuit, and bad for the reputation of bloggers as analysts and commentors.

And you are no George Orwell, OK?

Those readers of yours who click on the link to my post about the dissonance between economics and Catholicism will see that the post is rather deeper than the very shallow precis you provide.

Bishop Brennan said...

Martin - thank you for engaging in the debate. That's what blogging's all about, after all. :) Of course, I entirely disagree with you about your post...

I'm sorry if I scared / alarmed you - that really wasn't the point.

And I think we are agreed that I'm no George Orwell! :) If only...!