Saturday, 22 November 2008

Faith - whilst some have regained theirs, I've lost mine

Oh dear!

The Diocesan Council's investments have run into even more trouble. A shareholding which, we were assured, would yield a profit in fact looks like yielding a rather substantial loss.

The new advisors we took on last year don't seem to be helping much...

Still, no-one predicted what would happen. Not.

Still, it's only money. And not our money at that. The tithe-payers can always be squeezed a little lot more. And you can bet they will be. And then some.

Especially when we have to call in help from Rome. The International Diocesan Fund aren't renowned for pulling their punches.

Still - the Curia will get their bonuses this year. And the Cardinal, his predecessor and his pals have apparently regained their popularity amongst the tithe-payers.

Incompetent fuckwits.

That's why I have finally lost my religion. Friday was my last day at the Council. Whilst I'm sad to leave, and I'll miss my team and my friends, I've lost all faith in the Church.

My new job is... well, let me think about what I can say about it ;-)


Sunday, 9 November 2008

Gordon's economic 'miracle'... to have fucked up when Ken Clarke was taking us places.

Burning Our Money... as the website says.

How the fuck could anyone vote for that fucker? The Bishop doesn't need to plead the 5th. Do you? If so, hang your head in shame. And yes, you knew damn well in 2005 that it was Vote Blair, get Brown. Yes, and, for the record, note from the link the stupidity / involvement in the conspiracy (take your pick) of EU-fanatics

Gordon Brown. Not flash. Just a moron, muppet, twat, cunt. With more power than sense. And a rocking horse. Apparently.

Secret camara in Prime Minister's Office

And people think that this man should be PM? Maybe this is normal in Glenrothes?

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Wanker of the Week

Barack Obama.

Yes, the 'Barack-lash' has begun. Why, I hear you ask?

Well, first, the Bishop was never a great fan of the Saviour of the Universe(TM).

And now the socialist twat is proving the Bishop right. Via yesterday's FT:

- He is giving new powers to trade unions: what a great idea at a time when the US is going into recession, increasing the cost of employin people! That won't have any negative impact on the unemployment rate, will it?

- Not only is he intent on fucking up the US economy, he also wants to impose it on the rest of us too: he is already reinforcing his protectionist credentials...

[Note: sorry, I can't find the links - I read the stories in yesterday's (hangs head in shame) paper dead-tree FT]

I don't care if he's black, white, pink, green or any colour of the rainbow - he's a complete wanker. Fact.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Mandy Pandy off to see a Panda (again)?

The Bishop hears that Peter Mandelson is off to China again in February.

Perhaps he needs more supplies?

Lord Darzai had better prepare for another 3am call...