Saturday, 7 June 2008

Wankers of the Week

Dear Readers (that is, if you haven't gone back to being 'Reader'...),

A very thoughtful post (as ever) by Snuffleupagus on the education system, how many teachers leave it very quickly after starting, and the sheer dishonesty of the Government's claims that education standards are rising.

This only demonstrates the point of the Bishop's previous post making the (admittedly, rather obvious, but still, sadly, necessary) point that throwing money at something is no solution.

Now, to be balanced (OK, so not something the Bishop is always accused of), it does appear that primary education has improved over the last 10 years, although the Bishop would attribute this to a focus on the basics of literacy and numeracy, rather than money (although primary teachers were pretty badly paid, at least in the South-East, and this did need improving). And this was after years of the answer being obvious - not a tribute to the Tories, but hardly one to the civil servants advising them.

But secondary and university education.... what the fuck? Will someone in what used to be known as the DfES, and is now known as the Dept for Cocksuckers, Socialists and Fascists (DCSF) and the Dept for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) fucking visit some schools and universities and grasp what is happening. [BTW, don't DCSF and DIUS sound like rather nasty venereal diseases? The Bishop can imagine - Doctor: 'I'm afraid you have a very nasty case of DIUS. I'm very sorry, but there is no hope of a cure...']

DCSF is, of course, also responsible for a wide range of nonsensical Government policies, e.g. parents being sent to prison for smacking their children, PC nonsense which is leading to the closure of Catholic Adoption Agencies, social workers being sent to middle-class homes so as not to 'penalise' the underclass, etc. And, last but not least, the fiction that academic and vocational courses can be brought onto a 'level playing field' if you call them both a 'Diploma'. [Why can't we restore A Levels to the gold standard that they once were, and put much of the money wasted by Gordon the Moron into a decent system combining apprenticeships and formal education for non-academic kids from 14 onwards? Would that really be too hard? Really?!]

That is why the Bishop is nominating the entire staff at the 'DCSF' for the award of Wanker of the Week. To be honest, 'wanker' is hardly enough for a bunch of Commie twats that are literally wrecking the life chances of a large number of kids. But the Bishop has no power to do anything else (other than pray, of course - never discount the power of prayer!), so this is his small contribution... :(


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