Sunday, 1 June 2008

No shit, Sherlock...

Why is this a surprise? When will socialists learn? Throwing money at problems doesn't solve them.

That's why the Libertarian Party can safely promise to reverse course on spending, reduce spending levels to pre-Gordon Brown days, and abolish income tax - it's all been wasted. From 50%+ salary increases for doctors, who work less, to the extra Inland Revenue staff needed to dole people's money back to them via tax 'credits' to virtually everything these morons have done to this country.

And those morons at the Observer say: let the fuckers go!

What the fuck? A welfare state that has infantilised the poor; released criminals early and given murderers 5 seconds in jail and more human rights than the law-abiding; made people think that they deserve to have their annual holiday in the sun, even if they have done fuck all in terms of work; welcomed in Islamists who want to kill us and paid them to do so: and taken money from genuine 'hard working families' and singles to pay for all the waste, and now condemns people to death for having the nerve to pay for part of their treatment for themselves, all in the name of 'equality'...


Voters of Henley - you want to send a message to Gordon the Moron? Vote Libertarian!

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