Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Wanker of the Week

The Bishop has found a candidate who has long deserved the accolade...

Step forward (hopefully into the line of sight of a very accurate sniper)... Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela.

This article in last week's edition of The Economist (yes, I know it's a bit out of date, but there can be only one wanker of the week, and Chavez has long-merited the award...) highlights further details long since suspected by those who view Mr Chavez - lauded by London's ex-Mayor, Ken 'I'm not an alcoholic, honest guv' Livingslime - as third only behind Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong Il as a totally irredeemable cunt of the highest order. Namely, that he has been providing financial and other support to a terrorist organisation, the FARC, operating in Colombia (which apparently deserves the resulting terror because its citizens have the gall to vote for - and re-elect - a mildly right-wing President on the obviously unsound basis that he has made the country safer from the FARC).

Now the FARC are a lovely bunch. For a long while, they made Colombia one of the most dangerous places in the world. Kidnappings, murder, etc. - you name it, they've done it. All in the name of an ideology that has shown itself to be entirely bankrupt, morally, economically, environmentally (ironically for all the left-wing twats that sympathise with it - remember the pollution in East Germany, Mr Livingslime?*), etc.

And, as Venezuela experiences the joys of inflation and spends its windfall oil income on arms from Russia and the 'poor' of London (obviously very poor compared to the poor of Venezuela...), its Government has been providing support to these wonderful members of FARC. It also appears that support, of a kind, has been provided by Sen. Chavez' co-'revolutionaries' in Equador. And then both countries have the nerve to criticise Colombia for killing FARC leaders who are based in Equador, mobilising troops and threatening war!

Hugo Chavez - wanker of the week. 'Nuff said.


*This merely illustrates that the environmental bandwagon which the lefties have jumped on is a rather convenient 'truth' - they have failed to impose their will on us in the West by democratic means or by showing that it works, and will now try to take us back to the Dark Ages by this means. Not that I think that there is no possibility that 'Climate Change' is happening, simply that I am not convinced that it is entirely man-made, nor that the proposed solutions are the right ones. But that's for another rant... In fact, DK does it better than I ever could...

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