Saturday, 17 May 2008

Things to make you angry...

Dear Reader,

2 posts on the same day! Truly, the Bishop is spoiling you! :)

After a positive story (helped by a few glasses of a very decent Chateau Reynella 1999 Aussie Shiraz), the Bishop's angry side felt the need to be expressed...

So, how about this?

In brief, the story is about how the police and the Crown Prosecution Service falsely claimed that a Channel 4 show about Islamic extremists was 'heavily edited', in order to try to discredit evidence produced by that show about preachers of hate of extremism.

This leads to a few questions:

1. What were the motives of the police and the CPS? Why did they make false allegations? Is there going to be an investigation and public explanation of their actions? Errr, that'll be a no then...

2. What have they done about the extremists involved? Or do they continue to be free to preach that non-Muslims should be bombed, etc.? Errr... what's the betting that that's a yes?

3. How is such preaching going to be prevented in the future? Does anyone in the police / CPS give a shit? After all, this is what inspired the London bombings... Or will they only care when the Dear Leader / the Royal Family are targeted? Rhetorical question...

4. This has cost the public purse a fine of £100,000, plus legal costs. Are the police officers and officials concerned going to pay this? Are they going to be fired? Or are they going to retire early on 'ill health' grounds, on a full pension? The Bishop is only guessing, but the first two seem unlikely. And the latter odds on.

And then the muppets of the commentariat wonder why people vote for the BNP... As a libertarian, this makes me fucking furious - simply enforcing the law properly would go a long way towards making sure that those socialist cunts never made it near council seats, etc. But then, why would the socialists who control police policy and the CPS care about that? ;(

And, sad to say it, I doubt the Tories, at least under the current leadership which believes in something called 'social justice'*, would make much difference...


*If you don't understand this comment, try reading Hayek.

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