Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Lord Ahmed the Cunt

Well, I can't believe it.

Lord Ahmed got six weeks (after parole) in a cushy four star hotel prison.

It's outrageous! I expected him to get a fully suspended sentence. After all, he's a Labour Lord - and a Muslim! They're not subject to English law - especially when it's just a white man they've killed.

Still, at least his cunt, arsehole, dhimmi wanker, gobshite, turd of the highest order lawyer has appealed against this outrageously long sentence.

I mean, they can 'prove' that his use of a cellphone had nothing to do with the crash. I don't know how, but I believe Lord Ahmed over anyone else. Actually, it's obvious that the texting had nothing to do with the crash. After all, if you're driving at 60mph, you could never see far enough ahead on a straight road in order to stop in time. [Note to Lord A: I take it I now won't be getting a visit from 10,000 of your friends? Cheers! I mean, thanks - no, I don't drink, I mean that isn't allowed anymore.]

I hope that family members of the judge in question die in similar circumstances. Let's see if he then considers a 6 week sentence to represent 'justice'. Cunt.

Until we elect district attorneys in this country and set tougher minimum sentences, we will never get rid of the bleeding heart, Guardian-reading cunts who are responsible for this kind of nonsense.


Dungeekin said...

12 weeks for a life.

Still, we know it was the dead person's fault - after all, he was a Prole, impeding the progress of a Member of the Labour Elite.

No doubt upon his release, the Ignoble Lord will be suing the estate of the man he killed for compensation.


Learned Fool said...

Did you see that the original judge had referred the case to a Crown Court because he believed Ahmed deserved more than the 6 month maximum he could dispense. The blighter then waltzes away with a derisory 12 week (6 behind bars, 6 on license) sentence!!! Good ol' British justice.

Bishop Brennan said...

Learned Fool - no I didn't.

Every time I hear more about this case, the more outrageous it seems! Surely, the rule should be that, if a Magistrate passes it on for that reason, then a minimum sentence should apply (if found guilty)?

Oh, but that would only apply in a real justice system. Here, we have 'New Labour justice'. Silly me...

And whilst Dungeekin's post on Ahmed is tongue-in-cheek, I wouldn't put anything past the slimy bastard.