Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Compare and contrast... my declaration of freedom

Man attacks drug dealer who won't stop selling heroin to members of his family. Gets two months in prison, for what is effectively a minor assault on someone who deserved it - and who won't be punished by the police, CPS or any of the other cunts who supposedly provide 'justice' in what is laughably called our 'criminal justice system'. The Penguin's commentary on Old Holborn's blog says it all.

A lorry driver who killed a family of 6 people (crushed between 2 lorries so that their bodies were not recognisable) on a straight road where there is no good reason for him not to stop (no bad weather, etc.) gets 3 years in prison, which will be 18 months in reality. The family were not criminals and had done nothing wrong. The lorry driver simply couldn't be arsed to concentrate on the road. Hope the cunt dies of cancer.

Lord Ahmed is the Labour peer who successfully threatened - with total impunity - to bring 10,000 Muslims to the Horse of Lords to prevent a Dutch MP, Geert Wilders, from showing a film which depicts the violent nature of Islamists. Strangely enough, he didn't show any religious concern for the lives of others when he was sending a text message whilst driving on the motorway, and killed a man. He will get a maximum of 2 years in prison, i.e. 1 year after parole - and, of course, because he's a Labour peer and a Muslim to boot (better if he were gay and disabled, although, given Derek Draper's comments, only a non-'windowlicker' disability...), I guess he will get a suspended sentence. The fat, stupid, terrorist-loving cunt.

And people wonder why increasing numbers of us have no confidence in our 'justice' system?!

Well, I announce today that I am renouncing the protection of this so-called system of 'justice'. As is my right, I will defend my family using whatever measures are necessary. I do not recognise the authority of the police or any court in the UK. Any action taken against me by those authorities is illegitimate and an abuse of my fundamental rights of self-determination and self-defence.


Anonymous said...

Surely libertarians think it should be legal to sell heroin? I was also under the impression that libertatrians disappro ved of initiation of force.

Bishop Brennan said...

Hi Cabalamat. Welcome to my blog.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, I do think it should be legal to sell heroin, and all other drugs. However...

I don't think that drugs like heroin and crack cocaine should simply be sold over the counter - or, as in this case, from some scumbag's flat. There are too many externalities involved (the libertarian principle that people should be able to do what they want, unless it harms others, applies) to leave it to a completely free market. Personally, I am in favour of shooting dens along the lines used in Switzerland. And if people choose to go to them, so be it - I don't think it is any business of the state to stop them, although I think it is fair for a person's family to ask (not force) them to stop.

2. I don't think that libertarianism disapproves of initiation of force per se. Although I guess it depends - e.g. does Iran's attempt to acquire nuclear weapons count as an initiation of force. I would argue that it does, given the extreme nature of Iran's leadership. This might justify an intervention - but only if other methods don't work and if it has a high chance of success (neither of these tests have yet been met, in my view).

Some may say that this is inconsistent with libertarianism, because many libertarians tend towards isolationism. I don't think such a hard-line view works in the real world, where it is often necessary to be pragmatic on some issues.

NB I'm definitely on the more pragmatic wing of the LPUK! I know that doesn't always go down well, but I actually want a libertarian-minded Government, not to be an eternal protest group. That means facing the hard reality that sometimes confronts ideological purity...