Saturday, 21 February 2009

Letter to the Stasi

Dear Jacqui,

Forgive me for writing to you twice - I felt that it was important to write to you at both of your addresses, as it is not clear to me which is your main residence.

Following the recent decision to bar Geert Wilders from the UK, I felt it necessary to warn you of the risks of creating disturbances in other communities of certain Government actions. Clearly, on receipt of this information, you will feel compelled to act, as you have done following Lord Ahmed's intervention in the Wilders case.

First, any decision to allow any Muslim preacher into the UK will result in a delegation of at least 10,000 Christians, Hindus, Jews, agnostics, atheists and Jedi marching on whichever of your addresses you are at at the time. I therefore respectfully request that you do not allow any Muslim preachers into the UK.

Second, any decision of Gordon Brown not to resign and call an immediate election will result in the same delegation marching on Downing St. Again, I therefore respectfully suggest that the Prime Mentalist resign forthwith, with a general election to follow immediately.

Third, any decision not to tell the European Court of Human 'Rights' to go forth and multiply over the case of Abu Qatada, and a failure to deport him immediately will result in the same delegation marching on the prison where he is being held and holding an impromptu hanging, with similar sized delegations (for similar purposes) marching on the Home Office and both of your residences.

Fourth, failure to prosecute members of the Labour Party for outright fraud (most notably yourself, the Cooper-Balls household, Ken Livingstone, Lee Jasper, members of the House of Lords who have been taking bribes in return for amending laws - in fact, the list seems to be endless) will result in a similar delegation marching on Parliament.

Yours faithfully,

Bishop Brennan

PS I have just been told that the right to march on Parliament and break the law is one that is reserved solely for Muslims, with additional rights reserved for those who have killed someone by reading / sending text messages whilst driving. Apologies for my error in believing that all UK citizens were equal before the law.


Gino said...

tis a shame that the nation that brought such greatness to the western world now takes such an eager role in it's self-destruction.

and it's not much better on this side of the pond,either.

Bishop Brennan said...

Welcome to my blog Gino.

Whilst you're right about the UK, I still have a lot of hope for the US. You're still a free country, there are still many people (from the right and the left of the political spectrum) who defend freedom.

Yes, the US faces massive economic challenges. But you're a lot better placed than anyone in Europe to meet them. And whilst I'm a sceptic about Obama, maybe he might achieve something on healthcare, for example...

In short, I hope to emigrate to a reinvigorated US in the not-too-distant future!

Gino said...

though i welcome anybody with a desire to love the place, knowledge of the english language is a plus.

unfortunately, our system favors the ignorant dark skins who refuse to speak english or learn a new way of life, while the political class showers them with welfare benefits and cheap housing.

my advice: if you arrive, do it from south of the border, illegally, and dont tell them you're a brit.
(can you bring me a case of that Abbott Ale?)

Bishop Brennan said...

Whilst I agree with you on ignorance and the problem of welfare, skin colour is never something with which I have an issue - there's no need to refer to any person's physical characteristic. Many of our religious zealots of whatever creed are as white as I am! Whilst the Ugandan Asians (mostly Muslims) who came here after being thrown out by Idi Amin (so much for Islamic solidarity!) have largely been contributors to the UK.

In short, what matters is:

- People must work and not come to the UK (or the US) to claim benefits (in fact, our welfare systems need overhauling to remove the option of a life on Welfare)

- Immigrants are welcome (within reason) as long as they work, pay their fair share of taxes, don't commit crimes and don't agitate for the removal of our hard-won freedoms or seek to impose their way of life on others.


Bishop Brennan said...

And they should learn to speak the native lingo too...

Gino said...

let me clarify my remark:
there is a political class that controls our immigration system who oppose white europeanism.
its the same sick ideals, just a little different, that allow your own politicians to favor the muslims.

by intent, quotas are issued favoring certain color groups over others.
it IS more difficut for a brit to gain acceptance than a Nigerian.
true here: the Africans are great contributers and do things the right way.
we could use more of them.

but the mexicans threaten riot if we dont kow tow to them, and these people REFUSE to americanise, soak up the welfare system, and turn whole cities into little mexican ghettos.

Bishop Brennan said...

Thanks for the clarification, Gino - we have similar problems here with rules that make it difficult for Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders - people who come here to work and add value.

Having been to Miami, I get what you mean - there do seem to be large numbers of Latinos who don't want to adapt to living in the US (I know others who do).

Surely there must be a happy medium between retaining some of your own culture (as Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Jewish Americans, etc. have done in the past) and adapting to the way of life of your new home country? Here, I think that Hindus and Sikhs, originally from India, and many Afro-Carribbeans have successfully blended their 'original' culture with the English way of life.

But, as you say, the 'elite' (aka ignorant idiots) don't get this...

Gino said...

its starts with the parents.
for example:
my father came here from Italy. he came to become one of us, rather than to merely live among us.

though he is proud to be what he was born to, he's prouder still of his own decision to add to it further, and has become quite the flag waving patriot.

so though i may have an italian background, and do some italian type things, Dad always insisted that i was 100% American. just like him.