Monday, 13 April 2009

Of McBride & Other Morons...

Mrs Brennan is studying Eugenics at the moment. Fascinating stuff - and it made me aware of the cultural influence against Eugenics to which I have been subjected. My immediate reaction was along the lines of, 'Hitler was into that, it's been associated with racism....'. And nerds like me have, of course, seen Gattaca, which was quite scary - because genes are only part of the story, and can never be used to predict what a person is.

Except intelligence is highly genetic... and, in practice, a combination of genetically-inherited idiocy and an upbringing by parental idiots seems to be a strong predictor of who provides the 'entertainment' for the police on a Friday and Saturday night...

Anyway... It turns out that 'moron', 'imbecile' and 'idiot' are technical terms, with specific meanings attached to each:

An idiot has an IQ of 0-25.
An imbecile has an IQ of 26-50.
Whilst a moron has an IQ of 51-75 (though some say up to 80). Apparently, these were considered the most dangerous, as they were more likely than idiots and imbeciles to reproduce, and thus damage the gene pool (see Inspector Gadget blog - including the link above - to see the results of state-sponsorship for morons...).

Well, the events of this joyous Easter weekend got me thinking about how we might modernise these terms, which have simply, of course, become random terms of abuse today...

A 'Draper' could be used instead of 'idiot' - quite simply because everyone can see that this is exactly what he is.
A 'McBride' could be an 'imbecile' - because he's not quite so obviously stupid, until, that is, he uses a No.10 computer / internet link to send defamatory emails to fellow McBrides and Drapers.
And a 'Toynbee' could be used as the modern term for 'moron' - because Toynbees are the most dangerous, getting widespread coverage on the BBC and in moronic 'newspapers' for her equally moronic views, and therefore risking severe mental damage to the wider population.


Old Holborn said...

We alrady have Hoon. Let's add more

Bishop Brennan said...

My thoughts exactly.

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Steve said...

I am disappointed that you have not found room for a Harman. She has been the perpetrator of some of the most irrational and incoherent outpourings I can remember outside of a football pitch.

Otherwise, I agree.

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