Sunday, 1 March 2009

The New Zimbabwe?

As Zimbabwe goes further down the toilet, thanks to the support for Robert Mugabe provided by the South African government and British banks, a new Zimbabwe appears to be rising, or, rather, sinking - the 'People's Democratic Republic of Venezuela'.

Fresh from appointing himself President for Life (not that he was ever going to give up power, of course), Hugo 'Wanker doesn't begin to describe him' Chavez now seems to be nationalising food production.

Like that never leads to food shortages...

The people of Venezuela have my sympathies - first, they suffered under the rule of a self-interested, crooked 'elite', and now the man that claimed he would 'save' them is making things worse [This seems to remind me of someone else who claims to be a saviour, but the name somehow escapes me...].

And, to top it all, they've had to put up with visits and support from Ken 'Cronyism isn't my middle name, because I'm a cheeky chappie' Livingslime. Who, together with the usual bunch of Guardianista gobshites, thinks everything in Venezuela is hunky-dory.

When Venezuela collapses, will Ken admit he got it wrong? Or will he be like the (inexplicably popular) twat and hypocrite-par-excellence landowner, Tony Wedgewood-Benn, and claim that he was never wrong about anything? Sadly, I know where my money is...

Fuck, I hate socialists. They destroy anything that's good in life and accentuate everything that's bad. And then they claim to represent the 'workers', whilst they live in luxury hotels and dine in the finest restaurants. Or pay their wives £100k a year salaries, eh Ken?

Just like 1984 - how come Orwell remained a socialist when he could see what they inevitably become?

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Tim, England said...

I just came across your blogs while wandering the 'net. Great stuff; there's very little I disagree with. I'm really starting to hate my dear country, this Sceptred Isle and what it has become under successive governments. I especially hate the fucking "no-one is wrong, everyone is right" relativism (aka multiculturalism) we are sinking into. It's not working, and never will. If you don't think that's true then just consider the fucking madness of British troops bombing the fuck out of the Taleban 3000 miles away, while on UK soil we let pricks like Abu Qatada (whose values are IDENTICAL to the "enemy" in Afghanistan) walk free with £2000 in his back pocket for all the "hurt" caused by his imprisonment. I am lost for words. It can't go on this way, something is going to fucking give.