Sunday, 8 March 2009

Labour MP says something sensible!

And it isn't Frank Field!

Having slated the Mail, I now have to praise it for publishing this article by Tom Harris, in which he argues that Labour need to tackle the culture of welfare dependency.

I know the Mail often spouts bollocks, but this is worth a read. In particular, he acknowledges that Tosser Blair fired Frank Field for 'thinking the unthinkable [but sensible]'. Perhaps another mea culpa for Blair to acknowledge, in addition to his admission that Labour got lucky on the economy (i.e. unlike Brown's 'scorched earth' policy, Ken Clark actually gave a shit about our standard of living - even if he's a cunt who wants the UK to be run from Brussels)...

I don't expect Cameron to sort out the economy; nor do I expect him to do what's needed with the welfare state (and that includes education and the NHS). But part of me - foolishly, I know - hopes that I'm wrong.

We need another Thatcher. Who will stand up and be counted?


Gino said...

off topic, please forgive me:

on behalf of the people of the USA, I want to apologize to the UK and her people for the disgusting behavior of our man-child president toward their Prime Minister.

it was wrong, and there is no excuse for it.

Bishop Brennan said...

Gino - no need to apologise, we hate Gordon Brown! To be honest, nothing is more shameful than having videos of our Prime Minister picking his nose and eating the boogers all over the web, or a picture of him arriving at the White House with his trousers tucked into his socks... :-(

At least, (I hope) we'll vote him out in the next year and a bit...