Monday, 12 January 2009

Oh. My. God.

As you probably know, the Devil already has a blog. But, in that case, it's clearly not the Devil in the evil - Satanic, Beelzebub - sense

Now, however - via one of DK's Anonymous disciples - it seems that Satan - the real one - has learned the art of seeking to spread his poison online.

Some of you may remember Rory Bremner's avatar of Peter Mandelson on his C4 show (well, C4 has to be useful for something...). I thought it was funny.

Now I'm not so sure...

Is nowhere safe from these bastards?

Citizens of Second Life - prepare yourselves for:
  • Eye-watering levels of virtual taxation and government debt
  • Monitoring of all your online activities.
  • Harriet Harman stopping any sexual fantasies (unless they involve ugly women only)
  • Virtual imprisonment / hanging for smoking or speeding offences; rewards for committing anything previously regarded as criminal
  • 'Losing' your data so that it can be used by criminals
  • A financial crisis that 'began in America' but hits the UK worse than anywhere else, for reasons that can't be explained, other than by some vague reference to potential other governments being 'do-nothing' organisations
  • Gulags for anyone that doesn't repeat, parrot-style, everything that the Mandelson avatar says
  • A Second Life Broadcasting Corporation - funded by compulsory taxation - which features such 'balanced' reporters as 'Toilets' Macguire and 'Toenails' Robinson
  • Free inside information for a Robert Peston avatar
  • All-in-all, a virtual USSR - a model for the UK if Labour win the next election.
Is it possible to have a virtual revolution? Are there any Second-Lifers who would volunteer to lead it - and treat the Mandelson avatar to Bolshevik-style retribution?

Please, God - what did we do? :-(

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