Sunday, 18 January 2009

Labour get fisted!

I see that have taken on the pisspoor and taken Mandy's statement about engaging openly rather too literally for Mandy's liking.

Comment of the day so far....

    • Paul says:

      As my comment on this post was deleted on LabourList, I thought I should post it here…

      Mandy, can you tell us the name of the young man you were spotted with in Marrakech?

  1. Lord Mandelson, what do you think of your early adventures in Second Life, brought to an eager audience courtesy of the Daily Mail?

    And do you really have that tattoo?

    • A small Arab boy says:

      مصرع طفلين في قصف على مدرسة للأونروا بقطاع غزة، وجرح تسعة جنود إسرائيليين داخل القطاع.


Well, it made me laugh....

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