Saturday, 23 August 2008

Wanker of the Week

Well, it's been a while - so time for another Wanker of the Week.

As usual, there are many candidates amongst the shits that contribute to the 'running' of this country, i.e. running it into the ground so far that, if we had any luck, we'd end up in Australia. Sadly, we seem more likely to end up in Afghanistan...

One potential candidate, although the Bishop confesses to a certain sympathy for him usually, is Boris. This is because of the Bishop's suspicions that Guido is right when he suggests that Boris has sacrificed his deputy who was in charge of reforming Transport for London (TfL), Tim Parker, to the truly evil fat commie bastard, Bob Crowe, Head of Politbureau 'leader' (I thought leaders required character and courage) of the RMT union that regularly holds London to ransom because of TfL management's refusal to wipe their members' arses after their each and every dump. [Does anyone remember Carry On At Your Convenience? Has 'Comrade' Bob based his career on it?]

But, it is clear to the Bishop that Bob Crowe is the truly worthy recipient of the, ahem, not at all prestigious Wanker of the Week award (indeed, the Bishop fears that the award may need to be retired, as the fucker should receive it nearly every week).

Bob Crowe - you are a cunt of the highest order. You think that it is legitimate to seek to overthrow the judgement of democratically-elected politicians by means of blackmail - by abusing your members' monopoly in transporting commuters, tourists, people that need to go to hospital, etc. around London. And impose your views - which make Stalin look like a moderate - on the rest of us. Well, you can go fuck yourself by impaling yourself through the arse on a sharpened flagpole.

And here's how we could really get Crowe to fuck off....

My regular reader will have noted the Bishop's praise for the Competition Commission, following its recent investigation of BAA (where - quelle surprise! - a union has been seeking to block reforms which will benefit consumers).

Well, unions like the RMT are just as guilty as monopolists in business of abuse of a dominant position in a market - so why shouldn't they be subject to the same investigatory and legal powers? The abuse has exactly the same effect.

And when the RMT responds with threats of blackmail strikes, Boris and/or the next Government (the Great Snotgobbler is hardly going to take on his paymasters, now, is he?) should have a plan in place. And that plan should take a leaf out of Reagan's book...

- Fire all the cunts that go on strike.
- Have pre-trained, in secret, a new group of non-unionised drivers / signal workers / etc. in the new EU states - paying them a wage that reflects what people with the appropriate qualifications in the private sector would earn: no more, no less (OK, maybe a premium for having to work underground) - to come and take over their work.
- Pass a new law that means that when public sector unions go on strike in a field where they provide a monopoly service, they have to provide a minimum level of service (as is required of transport workers in that well-known bastion of anti-unionism, France).

And then send that fat cunt Crowe to his paradise in North Korea. Cunt.

Of course, that would require Boris to use his cohones for something other than shagging Petr........


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