Monday, 25 August 2008

PC nonsense foiled... for now at least...

Via Cranmer, yet another attempt to undermine English law to favour Muslims...

Fortunately, the Magistrate (and, to be fair, the representative from the local mosque) had more sense than the likes of Harriet Harperson and the other scumbags that seem to be in charge of this country, and didn't allow the thief's alleged 'religion' to determine her fate (as others have said, if she were truly religious, she would at least have had the gumption to face up to her crime, if she had committed it in the first place).

I fear that the verdict will be overturned, however... I wonder why?

Incidentally, a wonderful take on the story of Noah is also on Cranmer's blog. Well worth a read (even if he is a little bit Orange in some of his postings! :-)


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